Language Café

As a regular BaselConnect event, the first international Language Café in Basel brings locals and people from abroad together to practice conversation in a laid-back atmosphere. Being fluent in German and English, our team ensures conversation in these languages.



A ‘Stamm’ is the traditional get-together of the villagers in Switzerland after work for a beer and a chat sitting around the ‘Stammtisch’.


olla común

Olla común: Lunch on Saturdays

Volunteers from different countries—representing cultures from around the world—prepare and serve a traditional meal. The proceeds are donated to a social project of their choosing.



World Wide Women

This is a course designed for immigrant women who want to strengthen their professional, social and personal skills. It will increase their possibilities of entering the labour market in the German-speaking regions of Switzerland. .



skillharbour: the place to exchange your skills

Do what you love for people who love what you do! This Basel based project is the harbour where exchanging skills and talents becomes easy. Swap your skills, find what you are looking for. It’s all free, you just “pay” with your time.



Employment Networking Event

This event is designed to bring locally based professionals seeking work together with representatives of companies from the Basel region, small to large, who are interested in hiring international talent. Register for the event mailing list and mark your calendars for October 30.



Encountering Chamber Music: TrioPlus with Stephan Schmidt

The concert series of Chamber Music is a popular meeting place for music lovers. Each concert is accompanied by a workshop for children and so offers whole families the opportunity of attending concerts together. The children hear the beginning of the concert and so experience the sound of chamber music.



BaselConnect Education Site

Thanks to the hard work of our Education working group volunteers, we have all of the official information on the public school system—translated into English—on our education site. This is a tremendous service to anyone considering putting their children into local schools.


What is an Expat?

An expatriate – or expat – is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country and experiencing a culture other than that of their upbringing. The word comes from the Latin terms ex (“out of”) and patria(“country, fatherland”). Expats usually have a tertiary education and/or special skills that are sought after in other countries. Expats in the Basel region include musicians, dancers, dental hygienists and physicians as well as scientists and business managers. The overall perception of expats is that they have come here with something to contribute both in the workplace and the community.



Basel as a Transport Hub in Europe

Basel is a major transportation hub in Europe. Mobility by road, rail, air and river make Basel a center for the migration of products, services and people. Telebasel is featuring a look at the importance of the Rhine to the Basel Economy as “Our Way to the Sea” on their program In Dubio Pro Regio.